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Wild Tiger

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The tiger is a potent symbol across Asia and in many cultures. It has since been a fixture of tattooing in especially in India, Malaysia, Burma, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and Cambodia. The tiger symbol is associated with power, passion, ferocity and sensuality. In addition to these it represents beauty and speed, cruelty and wrath and its appearance in dream is usually a sign of new power or passion that has awakened within an individual.

The main focus in this painting is to the face and it gives a look of the real tiger when looked at from 10 feet away. This painting symbolises and boosts bravery and wisdom and is created for a man who really takes care of his family. There are more than 20 different groups of gemstones and 60 shades in every step used to make this beautiful painting. Meticulous attention to details and expertise of technique make this painting extremely realistic and vibrant. It takes 10 days to complete it.


Malachite, Yellow Agate, Calcedony, Red Aventurine, Green Aventurine, Red Jasper and Black Onyx.