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Sparrows are a family of small passerine birds. Sparrows are small, plump, brown and grey birds with short tails and stubby, powerful beaks. They are social birds, with many species breeding in loose colonies and most species occurring in flocks during the non-breeding season. Many sparrow species commonly live in agricultural areas, and for several, human settlements are a primary habitat.

The small but proud sparrow is one of the most common birds. However, it is often overlooked, its power taken for granted. Although it is small, the sparrow animal totem is both powerful and productive. The Sparrow is ever vigilant in her goals. She is always bustling for her food, foraging for her nests, and gathering for her young. There are 6 different groups and 20 shades of precious gemstones used to make this beautiful painting. It takes 8 days to complete it with such precision and mood.


Peridot (big gems), Garnet, Green Aventurine, Red Jasper and Black Onyx.