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Goddess Padmavati is the protective Goddess. She is very popular among the Jains. This goddess is known to protect Her devotees and worshippers from various kinds of problems. The name Padmavati from Sanskrit means - She who emerged from Lotus. Sri Padmavathi Devi is said to be the incarnation of Goddess Laxmi, consort of Lord Vishnu. Padmavati is the dedicated deity of Lord Parshvanath. Her color is golden and her vehicle is the snake with a cock's head. She has four arms and Her two right hands hold a Lotus and a rosary. The two left hands hold a fruit and a rein.

Uniqueness of this painting is that it increases protection in devotion of the path. There are 7 different groups and 30 shades of precious gemstones used, and it takes 10 days to complete it.


Carnelian Agate (big gems), Calcedony, Yellow Agate, Black Onyx and Garnet.