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Lord Mahavira

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Mahavira is also known as Vardhamāna was the twenty-fourth Tirthankara (ford maker) of Jainism. In the Jain tradition, it is believed that Mahavira was born in early part of the 6th-century BC into a royal family in what is now Bihar, India. At the age of 30, he left his home in pursuit of spiritual awakening, abandoned all worldly possessions, and became an ascetic. For the next twelve-and-a-half years, Mahavira practiced intense meditation and severe austerities, after which he is believed to have attained Kevala Jnana (omniscience). Jainism is an ancient religion from India that teaches that the way to liberation and bliss is to live a life of harmlessness and renunciation. The aim of Jain life is to achieve liberation of the soul.

This painting reflects the power of concentration, ability to calm down the mind and connect with the core. There are 7 different groups and 25 shades of precious gemstones used, and it takes 10 days to complete it.


Calcedony, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Yellow Agate, Turquoise, Red Jasper and Red Aventurine.