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The horse has been present in South Asia from at least the middle of the second millennium BC. The earliest uncontroversial evidence of horse remains on the Indian Subcontinent date to the early Swat culture. The horse is a universal symbol of freedom without restraint, because riding a horse made people feel they could free themselves from their own bindings. Also linked with riding horses, they are symbols of travel, movement, and desire.

The main focus in this painting is to the horses heads: expressing the special bond between the young horse and mum, it gives a look of the pure love and connection between them. This painting is the finest creation by Jitesh Arts made from the hand crushed precious gemstones without any artificial colours added. There are more than 6 different groups of gemstones and 25 shades used to make this beautiful painting. Meticulous attention to details and expertise of technique make this painting extremely realistic and vibrant. It takes 9 days to complete it.


Black Onyx, Garnet, Calcedony, Red Jasper, Amethyst and Malachite.