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Bani Thani Intezar

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Bani Thani means Queen fully dressed with all the ornaments and Intezar means waiting - Queen getting ready and waiting for her beloved King. Bani Thani is presenting her love, care, lust and beauty to her soulmate. It portrays a woman who is elegant and graceful. Bani Thani has also been labelled as India's Mona LisaThis painting is a great reflection of traditional art of Rajasthan, India.

Made from hand crushed precious gemstones without any artificial colours added. Meticulous attention to detail and expertise of technique makes it look so realistic and vibrant. It also brings love and affection into the house because of the real gemstones. This painting is ideal for bedroom or any place where women has her own beauty time. There are 5 different groups and 20 shades used and it takes 8 days to comple it.


Calcedony, Peridot, Green Aventurine, Red Jasper and Turquoise.