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Bani Thani Angdai

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Bani Thani Angdai - an Indian Mona Lisa. This is a presentation of art which reveals the pleasure and lust of the Queen of Marwar, Rajasthan. The Queen is fully dressed and in a mood of love to attract her beloved King by showing her beauty. The King of Marwar in Rajasthan has several wives at the time and the eldest or the first woman of King gives the birth of a son who is eligible for the throne of King's dynasty. This painting is a great reflection of traditional epic art of Rajasthan, India.

This painting is made from hand crushed precious gemstones without any artificial colours added. Meticulous attention to detail and expertise of technique makes it look so realistic and vibrant. It also brings power of love and lust and attracts opposite sex. This painting is ideal for bedroom. There are 6 groups and 23 shades of precious gemstones used and it takes 7 days to complete it.


Peridot (big gems), Cornelian Agate (big gems)Yellow Agate, Turquoise, Red Aventurine, Calcedony and Malachite.

Please Note: Smaller sizes of paintings have more of the smaller gemstones, where bigger pieces have much bigger gemstones included.