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CHAKRA(S): Root, Solar Plexus and Third-Eye ENERGY VIBRATION: 6 ENERGY: Protection, Healing, Grounding PROTECTION: Captures and Grounds Psychic Attack, Protects against Adversaries, Protects against Black Magic, Blocks negative influences STIMULATES: Grounding, All The Senses, Inner-Strength, Concentration, Self-Mastery, Self-Discipline, Intuition METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Prevents the draining of personal energy Absorbs and transforms negative energy Fosters decision making Excellent stone for centering and alignment of the total person with a Higher Power. Used to end unhappy relationships Heighten one’s intuition and instinct Helps one to realize material goals Helps one become the master of their own future Encourages a healthy egotism Creates invisibility Fortifies...

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